Maggie Noel

"I’m just trying to use what I've got to change the face of the game."

Rev. William Lawson

"As long as you can get out of the bed and you can do anything at all, you ought to do what you can."

Kim Roxie

"When you make makeup for women of color, you make it for all women."

Ray Bady

"I can be a youth pastor until I'm 60, 70 years old, because it's the anointing God has given me."

Grace Butler

"I remember...pleading God, please never let me have cancer...then it was my turn."

Tamar Davis

"Singing is what pays the bills, but giving is just who I am."

Auturo Jackson

"(Focus) on what you are able to do versus what you aren't able to do."

Nicole Ellis

"There's something to learn about yourself...everywhere."

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